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Andrew Klein, Sr. VP Global Partnerships
P: 323.555.1212



  • Develop a fresh creative for the brand and reach a new and younger music audience that appeals to Allergan's Botox Cosmetic product line
  • Aligned the brand with the Stagecoach Festival IP and likeness, the perfect event to resonate among their target key audience
  • Created a talent endorsement partnership, on behalf of Allergan, with former Olympic gymnast Nastia Lukin
  • Used AEG Studios and Multiply to create authentic content with Nastia and serve it digitally to stragetic audiences across the United States comprised of Festival ticket buyers, general music fans and venue location data
  • The campaign included a call to action that incentivized new customers in with a $50-off coupon and the chance to win a trip to Stagecoach
  • Content overview
  • The campaign garnered over 50M impressions
  • The sweepstakes saw over 25K entries